Monday, March 08, 2010

Skaven FAQ is here

Now that GW has had their say on the Skaven mysteries, let's see how I did from my stated stances.
  1. Warpstone Tokens and the Storm Banner are "one use only" - spot on!
  2. The Doomwheel may not start in the front arc of a unit, then use its movement to maneuver around to hit that unit in the flank or rear. - spot on!
  3. Shooting will scatter into Rat Ogres on a 1-4, into other models on a 5-6. - spot on!
  4. Only one Night Runner, Jezzail team, Rat Ogre, etc. can be upgraded in a unit, not any and all of them. - not addressed, but I think there was enough consensus on this beforehand.
  5. Banner of Verminous Scurrying can only be used to augment a unit's normal march, in the movement phase. - not addressed.  Too bad too, because this is still very vague to me.
  6. Template weapons hitting an enemy unit engaged with slaves will be randomized between slaves/enemies. - I was wrong.  Models hit by the template are hit, with no randomization.
  7. Plague Priests may not take warpstone tokens. - not addressed, so I stick with my stance.
  8. I will never take more than one tail weapon or rat hound bodyguard. A brace of warplock pistols is possible until ruled otherwise, but only because it's a cool conversion option. - Only one of anything is allowed per model, including pistols, so mostly correct for me.
  9. The plague censer would benefit from poisoned attacks. In the same way a great weapon keeps its rules (+2 strength, strikes last) with poison, the plague censer is a weapon with its own rules, not a magic weapon. - not addressed. 
  10. Slaves breaking from cc will get additional hits under the "Cornered Rats!" rule only for each full rank of 5 beyond the first, not just for each rank beyond the first. - spot on!
So, mostly vindicated.... mostly.

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