Sunday, March 07, 2010

Converting Deffkoptas : Big Shootas

Does it seem strange to anyone else that we need to convert this model to get it back to the basic codex stats?  Oh, well.  If they came with big shootas we'd be seeing hundreds of conversions to rokkits.

The conversion is simple enough.  Get out the ol' bone saw and chop off the ends of the rokkits on the front of the kopta.  Leave some of the rokkit body intact since we'll be using that for the big shoota's body.  You can cut right through the bottom part, and we'll be putting in a little Orky decoration to cover up the cut.

Next you take two diameters of styrene tube, one of which fits inside the other.  I wish I could give you diameters, but I can't find the packaging.  The only really important parts are that one fits inside the other, and that the larger of the two fits on the inside part where the four rokkits used to be.  Take a section of the larger tube about 3/4" long and use a pin vise to drill some holes in it like a machine gun's cooling jacket.  They don't have to be perfect..... if you are converting Orky stuff you already know that.  Place a piece of the smaller diameter tube inside the larger one to make a barrel, and glue this sandwiched between the remaining parts of the rokkit bodies.  After that, glue a short piece of the smaller tube to each of the four rokkit bodies.
Here's a pretty good illustration of what we're aiming for.  Yeah, it's pretty rough, I know.  What we end up with looks like five barrels, easily WYSIWYG for a twin linked big shoota.

Now to fix that ugly flat spot in the bottom.  Take a length of trapezoidal sprue about as wide as the bottom two barrels.  Glue it in place with the smaller edge facing down.  Now cut some rough triangles from plasticard with your plasctic cutters and glue them in the old "dog tooth" Ork pattern.

There!  Wasn't that easy?


  1. Nice guide! I'll likely do just this when I work my way around to my Orks again. I'm thinking if I were to mount a magnet in the interior and trim out the block with the Rokkits on it, I could have the Shoota(s) mounted on a magnetized inset block as well and have the primary weapons swappable.

    I like your underhanging teeth, though. Hrm...

  2. That's cool!
    I'll remember for my koptaz)


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