Friday, March 12, 2010

I Am The Winner?!!?

I must be, because it even knows what town I'm in right now!  That's so cool!  I didn't even know I had a message account at the ad-banner place.  Yay for internet!


  1. Hey, I got the same message tonight as well! Didn't click on it, though. No going through the rabbit hole for me.

  2. *I* knew you were in Ypsi, and we also share the same Internet. You were even entered in a contest I was associated with recently. So what if they took the extra step of sending you an email?

    For what it's worth - I keep getting emails asking me for my phone number and address in order to claim a prize, or telling me I have an undelivered package I sent through UPS on Dec. 28th and need to fill out an attached .zip claim form (when I never ship anything via UPS). My junk messages don't even know me half as well as they do you or are even half as sneaky...


I had to add anti-spam measures because, let's face it, almost nobody comments on blogs anymore unless they are spamming. Sorry.