Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Space Hulk "Plan"

Since I first saw Space Hulk I have wanted a fully painted set.  The models of 3rd ed have so much personality that they beg to be painted to highest quality.  I bought my copy in November.  I have yet to complete one model.  So to help break this down into bite size chunks, I'm going to set some milestones with the intention of being able to play each mission fully painted.
Mission 1: (11 figures to paint) Starting from scratch I'll need to paint up the entire Marine squad and enough 'nids to realistically play fully painted.  In the time I've played mission 1, I don't think I've ever seen more than 6 Genestealers on the board.
  • Sergeant w/ power sword and storm bolter
  • Marine w/ power fist and heavy flamer
  • 3 Marines w/ power fist and storm bolter
  • 6 Genestealers
Mission 2: (5 figures to paint) I tacked 2 Genestealers onto the Marines required to add extra insurance that every model in the game would be painted.
  • Sergeant w/ thunder hammer and storm shield
  • Marine w/ power fist and assault cannon
  • Marine w/ chain fist and storm bolter
  • 2 Genestealers
Mission 3: (5 figures to paint) After this mission we'll have 10 painted Genestealers, so there isn't much risk of needing an unpainted one.  Have you ever had more than 10 visible on the board in missions 1-3?
  • 2 Marines w/ power fist and storm bolter
  • the C.A.T.
  • 2 Genestealers
Mission 4: (6 figures to paint)  All of the Marines for this mission are already painted from the previous missions, so we'll focus on Genestealers.
  • 6 Genestealers
Mission 5: (6 figures to paint) Like mission 4, we're already set on Marines, so let's get some 'nids painted!  At this point we will have 20 Genestealers done.
  • 6 Genestealers
Mission 6: (2 figures to paint) The last of the Marines!
  • Librarian w/ force weapon and storm bolter
  • Marine w/ lightning claws
 Mission 7: (3 figures to paint) Only one model to go after this.
  • Dead Space Marine
  • the Artefact
Mission 11: (1 figure to paint) The last one.
  • The Broodlord
Considering I have yet to play anything beyond missions 1 and 2, this list gives me realistic goals on which to focus for fully painted play.

So, do any of you have your whole set painted?  How did you get it done?

Edited based on suggestions from Rushputin.  Thanks, R!


    1. GREAT IDEA!

      1) Being able to break things up into manageable chunks and reasonable sub-goals makes a huge difference

      2) Structuring that around the missions is brilliant!

      My only concern would be that I expect it would be easier to batch paint the genestealers in larger batches. Two here, one there... at that point, you're probably better off shuffling them into a larger batch.

    2. @Rushputin I struggled with how best to "batch" the painting, but in the end went with just trying to ensure that any given game (mission by mission) would have enough painted models. I am going to edit missions 4 and 5 to be 6 nids each and remove the single nid from the next two. Thanks for the feedback.

    3. I can definitely see how it'd be hard to parcel everything out.

    4. I painted all the bugs first. I think I painted them in batches of 6. Much more than that in a batch and it started to wear on me.
      Then I wet through and painted each Marine one at a time.
      The first set I did was a rush job and I only had to paint the Marines so it took me one weekend.
      The second set I'm workng on now has taken a bit longer since I'm painting the Marines to look like the ones in White Dwarf.


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