Sunday, March 21, 2010

Blood Ravens Dreadnoght

This fellow was fielded yesterday against the Orks (Orks!  Purge the beasts!)  I didn't know I was playing Orks when I put him in the list, but the ability to drop two templates was certainly appreciated.  The plasma template scattering off the target nearly every time was irksome.

The body is an AoBR dread, which I had originally painted for a "Black Reach in a month" painting competition, in which you paint the entire box in four weeks (it was a tie in with the release at our local GW store.  I lost, thank you berry munch.)  The top book thingy is from the Librarian in terminator armor, and makes it nice and Blood Raveny I think.  The missile launcher arm is from a regular dread kit, with some plastic tubing put inside the arm socket to make it fit the smaller black reach dread's peg.  I did a youtube video a while back on how to do it, but lots of people have listed easier ways since then.

The plasma cannon is a little different.  It's a devastator plasma cannon, mounted to the multimelta arm of the black reach dread.  I had to sculpt just a little of the segmented cord at the bottom to make it match, so it's a fairly straightforward conversion.  Now that the plastic venerable comes with a plasma cannon arm you aren't forced to make your own or buy from ForgeWorld.  Have you seen the venerable dread sprues?  I want.

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