Saturday, March 20, 2010

Every Army Starts Somewhere

And my Biel Tan Eldar army starts with one lonely Guardian.  I really want this to be a nice looking army, so this is the quality level I'm shooting for for the whole thing.  If I can't ever win at 40k I'm going to at least look good losing.

Through various trades, a few purchases and some contest winning, I've actually managed to accumulate a nice sized start for this army.

Some HQ:
Avatar of Khaine
Farseer (bonesinger conversion)
Farseer w/bodyguard box set
(includes farseer, 2 warlocks with witch blade and 1 with singing spear)
...then the contents of a battleforce:
20 Guardians (w/ 2 weapon platforms)
5 Dire Avengers
1 War Walker
1 Wave Serpent
Some Elites...
10 Howling Banshees (w/ Exarch)
20-some odd Harlequins (including 2 troupe masters, 2 shadowseers, a death jester, 4 fusion pistols, and 8 with Harlequin's kiss)
Swooping Hawks box (6 models, inc. Exarch)
Falcon grav-tank
1 VibroCannon w/ crew
2 old Dark Reapers
1 single Wraithguard

So, Eldar players, what sort of 1500 point list would you make from these models?  I'm leaning heavily toward the Harlequins right now since they will be so much fun to paint.


  1. I wouldn't say Harlequins are fun to paint, more 'interesting' you need the patience of a saint, but it's worth it in the end.

    I'd have two troupes of Harly's, backed up by two farseers, dire avengers and guardians for taking objectives and the Wraithlord to tag-team with one of the Troupes in combat. A war walker to outflank and contest and i feel you've got a fairly solid core

  2. If I were limited to these models...

    Farseer with Runes of Warding, Runes of Witnessing, Fortune, Doom, Singing Spear & Spirit Stones (158)
    10 Howling Banshees, Exarch Upgarde w Executioner, War Shout, & Acrobatic (192)
    Wave Serpent w Spirit Stones, Eldar Missile Launcher, chin Shuriken Cannon (140)
    9 Harlequins, Troupe Master w Power Weapon, Shadow Seer, 8 Kisses, 2 Fusion Pistols (264)
    10 Guardians w Bright Lance, Warlock w Embolden (140)
    10 Guardians w Bright Lance, Warlock w Embolden (140)
    5 Dire Avengers (60)
    Falcon with Bright Lance, Holofields, Spirit Stones (190)
    Wraithlord w Eldar Missile Launcher, Bright Lance, 2 Flamers (155)
    War Walker w 2x Scatter Lasers (60)

    Using only what you have, this is a mixed-mech that will do decently once you learn how it works. Farseer will probably go in with the Banshees in the Serpent. The Banshess are your main aggressor and go looking for big squads of power armour. Harlequins are your main counter-attack, but can also be an aggressor against non-aggressive enemies like IG. Guardians camp your objectives and plink away at tanks in hopes of doing something. Dire Avengers go in the Falcon to make it Scoring. Falcon sits mid-range and blasts at heavy tanks, then does a late game objective grab/contest. Wraithlord sits near the Guardians to get Wraithsight and to protect them a bit in CC while shooting anti-tank at range. War Walker goes where needed but most likely will Outflank to get side shots on enemy tanks. 1500 even.

    As to where I'd go from there? Depends on how much you want to stick to traditional Eldar play versus off-brand tricks. A Harlequin heavy force is certainly possible, but will have a steep learning curve and some bad pairings.

    Cheers and hope this gives you some ideas...


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