Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Skorne Basilisk Pair

Lunchtime is getting more productive, especially since I've decided not to eat most of the time.  (But, Mike!  Not eating isn't healthy! you say.  Well, for me there's a pretty strong correlation between a "normal" sized lunch and the nigh uncontrollable urge to nap at about 2:30.  I can handle about 200-300 calories at noon, and any more that that knocks me out.)

But anyway.....

Skorne!  Brian gave these to me, oh, three years ago or so to paint in exchange for some Menoth figures.  I still have a couple Titans and a Cyclops to finish, but the Basilisks are pretty much done.  The skin is white primer with a heavy GW flesh wash, then highlighted up with mixture of tallarn flesh and skull white.  The red is mechrite red with a wash of devlan mud (yes, that's all.)  The ropes are snakebite leather with a highlight of khaki.  The crappy photo comes courtesy of my Samsung cell phone camera.

Now, to finish the Cyclops and on to the Titans.  I'm a little concerned about the Titan Gladiator because I dropped him on my desk and he exploded into nearly all his component pieces.  I definitely have some pinning ahead of me.

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