Monday, June 17, 2013

The Old Guards and the New

Do Wraithguard have a rule that prevents them from being photographed in focus?
I'm pretty sure they do.
I assembled/magnetized a box of Wraithguard/Wraithblades this weekend. I was a little surprised at how much bigger the new models are compared to the old metal models. Even with the wider stance, the new one here is significantly taller than the old one. They also changed the base size to 40mm, which is fine with me. I thought the old models looked crowded on their tiny bases.

So, the Eldar army marches on toward field-ability. I am getting to the point that I need to be more selective about what to assemble in what order if I want to sprint to a 2000 pt game. Considering I started buying Eldar withe the last book came out, it's about time I started playing them.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sedition Wars Glue, Avatar Train-Wreck and Sneak Preview

First off, the biggest news. I found something other than cyanoacrylate that works to glue sedition wars minis together, and does so in much the same way that styrene glue works.
Ambroid ProWeld professional plastic welder works on tons of different materials. I tried to apply it like styrene glue at first, which failed. Once I read the instructions (and followed them!) it made a bond that is quite strong. I dropped this Strain mini onto a linoleum floor from a height of 5 feet or so repeatedly and the minis never popped off the base. I'm sold. It also works exceedingly well at removing the mold lines, a trick scale modelers gave me. I was skeptical that solvent could do a decent job at mold line removal, but it really seems to work as long as you don't douse the mini. If nothing else it makes the plastic easier to work with temporarily.

Update: I tried this stuff on Reaper Bones minis to see if it worked. No dice, I'm afraid.

I've been buying Eldar for ages with the intent to play them. Now that they have a new book, I figured I'd better paint a second model for my army. One per edition. Now that's speed. So I tackled my Avatar last night. Umm.... yeah. Not fantastic.

The theory was to paint the inner portions fluorescent yellow/orange to show off his molten interior, but make the exterior dark to heighten the contrast. Sure, this is a one night paint job, but it just fails to pop on so many levels. Even that guardian looks skeptical. "That is supposed to inspire me to be fearless? Not feelin' it, boss."

Lastly, I've been working on a little project based on some artwork from a 1987 Battletech manual that utilizes some old Japanese models I had, modded a fair bit. I'm posting WIP as I go on the Battletech forums to get feedback from that community, since it's their domain of expertise. 

 I'll post a full write up here when I'm done and can get some decent pics.