Friday, March 22, 2013

Ultraforge Greater Plague Demon

Not bad for a night's work. I am slightly mystified at this model's disappearance from the Ultraforge lineup. Dakka Dakka forum threads as long ago as 2009 confirm that it's gone and not coming back, and theorize that GW cease-and-desisted poor Sophia. All blame casting aside, I am glad that I have one of these.
You like grilled cheese?
Like all Ultraforge minis, he's resin and horrifically hydrophobic. Seriously getting this guy even primed was like putting two like pole magnets together. Scrub and scrub these minis until you don't think there could possibly be any mold release left, then double the time spent scrubbing. I kind of surprised myself painting him this far in one night. It was regular hobby night and we started early, so this is maybe 4.5 hours work. He was only primed before that.

Oh, and he's big. Like Forgeworld GUO big.
You! Stand still laddie!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

We Need More Zombie Antelope

I finalized my Kingdom Death Monster Kickstarter pledge today. Realization: I really need to stay off Kickstarter.
Imma hoof you!
I really find the artistic direction of Kingdom Death appealing. All fantasy is a collection of tropes and cliches at this point, and a good execution requires expertly picking your cliches and fitting them to your imagery. Say what you will about the hyper-sexualization of that world, Kingdom Death Monster is stylish, disturbing and consistent.

The mini I am most excited about painting from the game is the never-really-mentioned antelope. He appears for a moment in the Kickstarter pitch video and in group shots of the game contents, but that's it. I l love the eviscerated abdominal cavity, the exposed musculature, the bushy tail, all of it! It's the sort of mini that I want to show to every manufacturer as an example of how to still be original with cliches like zombie animals.

Friday, March 08, 2013

Sanguinary Guard and a Sandwich

Yes, they're very gold. It's kinda their thing.
 The Sanguinary Guard are complete. Well, at least as complete as they are going to get because I'm giving them to their recipient now. It's March, and we're getting into ridiculous territory for late Christmas present. Talking with my friend today, he mentioned selling some of his Blood Angels, so I may deliver these guys just in time to be complete pointless. Whoops.

CMON link for attractive, intelligent people.

==== Completely Unrelated ====

Take a Wendy's Crispy Chicken sandwich, no mayo. Take a Wendy's Junior Bacon Cheeseburger, also no mayo. Take the bottom bun off the chicken sandwich and the top bun off the burger, then combine them to make The Barnyard. Chicken, cow and pig surrounded by lettuce, tomato, cheese and wheat. I feel so rustic. Also fat.
Man's Greatest Culinary Triumph

Friday, March 01, 2013

The Plan Backfires

In an attempt to diverge from the path of "everything 30% complete" that I seemed to have been on lately, I attempted a new policy of not switching figures once I started painting one. I would paint it start to finish. Wow, did that go wrong. Instead of focusing me on painting one model, I ended up just not painting if I didn't feel like painting the current exclusive model-of-the-moment. Whoops.

Anyway, here is the current thing I am finishing. Yes, that's the same model that was going to be part of someone's Christmas gift. It still is, just a tad belated.
A few things need completion (including the gems and top piece) and there is some cleanup to do. I tried to stick to the box art for the banner as much as possible, but I'll be going with a darker cloth base to match the wings I did with the darker interior.  I did learn one thing with this... don't make the background of any detail work a series of paints and washes. You will inevitably need to fix some slop and you'll never get it right if the fix is elaborate. Stick to paint color that you can reproduce easily in one small spot.

I have been trying to transition to the new GW paint set someone bought me for Christmas. Ouch. I am surprised how much of my planning involved knowing the colors of the old range. I find myself scanning the cardboard "chest" that holds the paint jars (a great idea if you ask me) for something that looks like color x.