Friday, March 22, 2013

Ultraforge Greater Plague Demon

Not bad for a night's work. I am slightly mystified at this model's disappearance from the Ultraforge lineup. Dakka Dakka forum threads as long ago as 2009 confirm that it's gone and not coming back, and theorize that GW cease-and-desisted poor Sophia. All blame casting aside, I am glad that I have one of these.
You like grilled cheese?
Like all Ultraforge minis, he's resin and horrifically hydrophobic. Seriously getting this guy even primed was like putting two like pole magnets together. Scrub and scrub these minis until you don't think there could possibly be any mold release left, then double the time spent scrubbing. I kind of surprised myself painting him this far in one night. It was regular hobby night and we started early, so this is maybe 4.5 hours work. He was only primed before that.

Oh, and he's big. Like Forgeworld GUO big.
You! Stand still laddie!


  1. Interesting shades and hue variations on the skin... the contrast between deep colors / shiny finish on its guts and pale / matt skin makes it outstanding.

    And speaking of standing, won't you give him a base ? unbased minis look like unfinished ones (IMHO)

  2. I like the way you put those bits of green and red on the skin as well. The weathering you did on that leather is outstanding. I've got some resin pieces that I haven't started on yet as I don't really know how to prep them. I can see I'm going to have to read some tutorials.

  3. Ye Gods Mike, did you know that your Skaven Giant is up on the GW site?

    Look at the Flickr pool on the bottom right, image #7.

    ~Iron Warriors Mike


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