Wednesday, August 31, 2011

40k Terminology: Skarboy vs. Sarkozy

In an effort to alleviate some of the confusion caused by similar looking words, allow me to highlight the differences.

  • Ork veteran, named for impressive battle-scars
  • Green and ornery
  • Poor interpersonal skills
  • Almost unique to Goff clan
(source Lexicanum)


I hope that clears things up a bit.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

An Island of Internet Nice

My wife is a big fan of Asian drama. She watches far more on or than she does on regular 'mrcn TV. One interesting little community phenomenon is the user contributed captioning that some of the sites have, where viewers can basically type messages that get seen by others when they watch later. I'm not sure of the particulars, but I believe it's done through membership.


What struck me was how un-horrible the captioning added by the users was. None of it was overtly defacing, and Stef said she has hardly even seen anything inappropriate. Maybe I've just read too many forum/youtube comments, but I'm a firm believer in John Gabriel's internet anonymity hypothesis. To find a pocket of like-minded (albeit niche) enthusiasts behaving like actual adults made me smile.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Final WM/H Parking Structure Battle!

Since our exile from Pray-Harrold is ending and we are moving back into luxurious (hur hur) new cubicles, we fought the final battle in our luxurious (hur hur) temporary offices in the parking structure.

I played:
The Testament of Menoth
5 Exemplar Bastions
5 Knights Exemplar
Anastasia di Bray
(note: for the first time ever, no choir!)

Brian took:
The Old Witch
Behemoth (aka "Big B")
The Three Bears

I have never played Anastasia before, but right away she helped out by allowing me to win the deployment roll. We tied (shown in the picture) but Anastasia gives +1 on that roll.  I threw her card into the picture just to emphasize the win of that.

Take +1 on my deployment roll and win?
Why yes, and thank you Anastasia!
 The Menites surged forward, but Anastasia stayed hidden... waiting for the right moment.

"Field of Staplers" is a very obscure portion
of the Iron Kingdoms
Big B kept on a blasting, but everything he killed got immediately brought back by The Testament.  Ha! Take that, stupid sub-cortex bombards!

Check out that custom "Murder of Crows" template.
 I was stymied by the Murder of Crows template, scared to death by the thought of taking the hit from them. In actuality, I had confused the strength of the Witch's feat with the hit from MoC. It's not as scary as that. Rats. The Old Witch parked herself on the second story of a building and made it basically impossible for me to get to her with infantry. Stupid Old Witch.

When my dudes got close enough, I brought Anastasia out close enough to the Old Witch to use her little ability. All my units were able to move forward and attack. The Three Bears took a serious beating but every last Bastion missed Scrapjack.

I got your porridge right here, stupid bears.
I did what I could to prevent it, but Scrapjack ended up walking through every last Bastion using that crazy upkeep spell the Old Witch has that lets him keep attacking as long as he's killing. Each Bastion had wounds from the scuffle, so it didn't take much to do them in. Meanwhile, Big B pounded yet another Crusader into scrap. Seriously, how can the Protectorate not be out of these things?

The battle was looking quite promising
until the enemy killed all of us.
The one thing I didn't get to do was use the Testament's feat. Between Anastasia's ability and The Testament, I figured I could cover a ton of ground in one turn. The Old Witch being on the second floor of a building with no egress on my side made her impossible to reach. With only a few Exemplars left against the inaccessible Old Witch and Big B and only one turn left to go, I conceded the game.

Protectorate is now 0/10. Go Menoth.

Thursday, August 25, 2011


My take on a recent meme, based on "Hyperbole and a Half."

Harlequin Nearly Complete

Wow, that's a blurry clown.
Tristan's Harlequin is nearly complete. I worked on him for a while during regular weekly hobbying with Seth and Jimmy. The symbol on the forehead ended up being a frustration. I tried to paint it on, didn't get it right, tried to fix it, etc., etc., and finally ended up doing this:

There's always the nuclear option. In the end, after doing, undoing and redoing, that I realized that I had made the top of the symbol a triangle and not the "spade" (card suit) that is on all the other Harlequins. Whoops.

I also knocked an epic amount of paint off the model just handling it during painting, so I fixed all the damage and game him a nice coat of Minwax polyurethane protection. I'll go over him and fix anything else I don't like, then dullcote him and he's on his way!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Create Your Own Inside Joke

Insert your own value for X in this equation.
This is the white board comic of the day, concerning IT's return to Pray-Harrold after more than a year of being in temporary housing.

Our submissions, mostly inside jokes:

  1. But Bill Heilman said it was ok!
  2. Nooo! My pilot's license!
  3. Now who will run Appworx?
  4. This still beats The Bay.
  5. I wonder what's in the safe.
  6. So what's for lunch?
  7. 4...8...7...3...1...4...1...
  8. Just when I got WiFi signal...
  9. echo "Fail"
  10. Is it safe?
  11. Shoulda... worked... from... home.
  12. Hey, the Black & White manual!
  14. Shoulda gone to the zoo...
  15. Whatcha know about "crushed by falling safe"?
  16. Falling safes are bordering on assault.
  17. This will affect my ECD.
  18. First of all, it's safe.
  19. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  20. Do you know what kind of safe this is?
Now that you have read through our many inside, work-related jokes that are most likely completely unfunny I invite you to come up with your own caption... and to celebrate, IT'S CAKE TIME!!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Another Case of "Better Camera Than Mine"

Betterer Eldar. Seriously, if I had $1000 to spend, I would totally buy a camera like this one.
Oh, who am I kidding.  If I had $1000 I would totally waste it on miniatures and then make my coworker photograph them.  Ha!  Take that, priorities!

More Harlequin WIP ... Two Nights Painting?!

Blue Shirt... I'm sure that gives a cover save all by itself.
What manner of madness is this?  Two nights of painting in a row?!  At this rate I could have kept doing commission work!  Seriously though, another couple hours on this guy and he's progressing nicely.  I can't figure out what to do with his shirt though. The pants really called to me for diagonal stripes, but the shirt... I got nothing. It's blue right now as a sort of placeholder color while I work on other things. It really is the most retina-burning shade of blue, wouldn't you say? So Tiny Power Fist(tm) got some work tonight, as did the mask and the dangling cloth thingies. Come to think of it I don't know how I'm going to do the gun either.

Maybe having a "plan" would have helped me. Or not. My only concrete plan right now is to make sure I give this guy a nice coat of polyurethane before I ship. For all the paint I've knocked off the model (including the right foot pictured) I want to make sure he's durable once he's done.

Maybe more soon... I seem to be on a roll right now.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Wonderful Vacation, then Painting

I have returned from a relaxing, fun week at Portage Lake Covenant Bible Camp.  Good worship, good gaming, good food (defined as "I didn't have to cook it") and all that.

We played Seafarers of Catan, Carcasonne, Infernal Contraption, and Star Munchkin.
One of many Carcasonne games
My son learned how to ride a two-wheeler exactly one day before leaving for camp, so he was an unstoppable cyclist the entire time we were there.

He seems pleased with the lack of training wheels

Now that we're home, I decided to break out the paints and give Tristan's Harlequin a little more love. I like the direction it's going, but it needs more "pop." Come to think of it, I still need to send something for him to paint for me... Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping... into the future.
Fear my tiny power fist!
I should have posted this pic first to get more clicks from FTW :-)
I also worked on a Rotten Belle to go with pimped out Nicodem. Next time I go to RIW to play (with school starting, that may be September) I hope to have Nico and his three lovely ladies ready to roll.

Friday, August 12, 2011

The Mysterious Duration

I went to wish well to my soon to be ex-boss (he is off to a new position in a different state next week) and returned to this mysterious post-it on my monitor.
"3 years 23 days   Good Luck"
What does it mean? Could it be from the same source as the Ominous "S" ?  And what does the date mean? Is that 3 years 23 days from now or 3 years 23 days ago.  Let us consult a date calculator.

Future: 3 years 23 days from now is Thursday, September 4, 2014
Past: 3 years 23 days ago was Sunday, July 20, 2008

Neither date has significance for me, and I do not recognize the handwriting.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mike's DIY Servo-Arms

Regular weekly hobby guy Mike (not me) shared his method for making Do-It-Yourself Servo-Arms for his Chaos Space Marines this week.  The method also works well for regular Space Marines, which is what we're demonstrating since I only had loyalist backpacks to work with.
Step 1. Get a backpack, 2 combat knives, and 2 flamers.
Step 2. Cut the flamers as shown. Concentrate on
making a clean cuts.
Step 3. Cut a vent off the backpack and glue the barrel
portion of the flamer in its place.

Step 4. Glue the flamer tank to the flamer barrel.  To
get a flush fit you can either file the rounded tank side
flat or file a round section onto the flamer tank.

Step 5. Cut the other flamer barrel at the angle shown.

Step 6. Glue the barrel to the tank. Glue the other
flamer tank to the end of the second barrel.

Step 7. Cut the combat knives' blades to form the servo-
arm clamp.

Step 8. Glue the two knife pieces on to form the clamp.
You're done with the servo-arm.

Step 9. Bonus! User the two leftover pieces of the
flamer to make Blood Angels hand flamers!

And just to be double clear, this method comes from Mike (one of the weekly hobby gang) and not me. Mike is an Iron Warriors fanatic, so this sort of conversion is right up his alley. He did the conversion work on Wednesday and I took pictures as he went along.  Some more chaos-looking version he has done can be seen here.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Somewhat Better Photography

My coworker Steve brought in his Super Deluxe DoubeWide SuperFat SLR Camera (I'm sure it has a make and model, but whatever) and took some pictures of Nicodem the Pimp and my nurse.  Maybe I should name her Miss Mediocre.
This is scaled down to about 25% of original size
It sure makes my phone camera look like a piece of garbage, doesn't it? Photography is also brutally revealing.  Things like the yellow spot on the edge of his purple coat, or the poorly clipped vent on the end of the syringe or the little spots of primer peeking through the holes in the chain.  Ouch.  In reality, when I was painting for competition I used to take digital photos to find flaws to correct, so this doesn't come as a huge surprise.

No Malifaux tonight (he said glumly.) I have other things to do that count as important. I'll still be hobbying this week, which will hopefully result in a completed unit for Hive Fleet Emervac to be on its way.

Did I mention I'm never doing commission work again?  Yeah, I'm never doing commission work again. I can neglect my own models with complete abandon, but neglecting other people's models when they are trying to pay me to paint makes me feel guilty.  The only guilt I want from this hobby is buyer's remorse.

Of course, I'm still offering to paint things for friends. That's a much more enjoyable endeavor.

EDIT: The camera in question was a Nikon D5100 with a Nikon AF VR 18-55 lens, 52mm.

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Pimping My Fiction. Fictional Pimp.

It's Big Pimpin' Night on the blog.

Normally, the fantastic podcast "The Aethervox" features original fiction written by one member (Julian) read by the other member (Ian.) Since Julian was away, they asked if they could use the first few chapters of my story "Confessions of an Aspiring Resurrectionist" from the Wyrd forums. I gave an exuberant yes!  The episode featuring my work is now up on their site. Ian has such a great voice for it, as you know if you have listened to the prior episodes. I'll admit it's strange hearing someone else read my words, especially since I've read them to myself so many times in very particular cadence. Having just heard both parts now, I think Ian did a wonderful job. Thanks, Ian!

Next up, here's something I've been working on. Nobody showed up at RIW on Tuesday (they were all going to Gen Con apparently) so I got to hang out and paint. I know this is the role typically given to Seamus, but something about a top hat, ruffles and a cane just screamed pimp to me. Of course, it isn't the first time.
Move over Seamus... Nicodem loves the ladies.
The leopard print was especially fun to paint. I had some expert consultation from my coworkers, who have a mightier "pimp hand" than I. The vulture pattern is based on a macaw, but everyone just thinks it's rainbow.