Tuesday, August 23, 2011

More Harlequin WIP ... Two Nights Painting?!

Blue Shirt... I'm sure that gives a cover save all by itself.
What manner of madness is this?  Two nights of painting in a row?!  At this rate I could have kept doing commission work!  Seriously though, another couple hours on this guy and he's progressing nicely.  I can't figure out what to do with his shirt though. The pants really called to me for diagonal stripes, but the shirt... I got nothing. It's blue right now as a sort of placeholder color while I work on other things. It really is the most retina-burning shade of blue, wouldn't you say? So Tiny Power Fist(tm) got some work tonight, as did the mask and the dangling cloth thingies. Come to think of it I don't know how I'm going to do the gun either.

Maybe having a "plan" would have helped me. Or not. My only concrete plan right now is to make sure I give this guy a nice coat of polyurethane before I ship. For all the paint I've knocked off the model (including the right foot pictured) I want to make sure he's durable once he's done.

Maybe more soon... I seem to be on a roll right now.


  1. I couldn't pull it off but for the shirt, how about yellow diamonds? Done large enough they'll mirror the pattern on the legs, but in the opposite colors. For the gun, I like the way you did Tiny Power Fist, maybe something in that color?

    How are you going to base him? Or will Tristan be doing that?

  2. Frig dude he looks incredible! Will most definitely need to be the gang leader w such a sweet paint job!

    Mik, I am going to do the basing since each harlequin is painted by someone different - hopefully that will help me tie them together. Wanna paint a harlequin??

  3. I was thinking about it.

    More than thinking about it actually, I have one picked out and on the painting desk downstairs, good to go.

  4. From looking at the newer post I only just now realized there already was an area that is the reverse of the leg pattern...

    where? well why don't you check? lol


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