Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Somewhat Better Photography

My coworker Steve brought in his Super Deluxe DoubeWide SuperFat SLR Camera (I'm sure it has a make and model, but whatever) and took some pictures of Nicodem the Pimp and my nurse.  Maybe I should name her Miss Mediocre.
This is scaled down to about 25% of original size
It sure makes my phone camera look like a piece of garbage, doesn't it? Photography is also brutally revealing.  Things like the yellow spot on the edge of his purple coat, or the poorly clipped vent on the end of the syringe or the little spots of primer peeking through the holes in the chain.  Ouch.  In reality, when I was painting for competition I used to take digital photos to find flaws to correct, so this doesn't come as a huge surprise.

No Malifaux tonight (he said glumly.) I have other things to do that count as important. I'll still be hobbying this week, which will hopefully result in a completed unit for Hive Fleet Emervac to be on its way.

Did I mention I'm never doing commission work again?  Yeah, I'm never doing commission work again. I can neglect my own models with complete abandon, but neglecting other people's models when they are trying to pay me to paint makes me feel guilty.  The only guilt I want from this hobby is buyer's remorse.

Of course, I'm still offering to paint things for friends. That's a much more enjoyable endeavor.

EDIT: The camera in question was a Nikon D5100 with a Nikon AF VR 18-55 lens, 52mm.


  1. Nice work on them. I'm to scared to get a better camera as I know my stuff will look even worse haha.

  2. love the colours on his vulture - though does make me think of Toucan Sam! lol

  3. I do love your take on Nicodem Mike – makes me chuckle every time I see him – fantastic.

  4. The figs look great but I'm still struck about how good the camera did, we may need that model name.

    The matching pimped out hat-band and cane are too cool.

  5. My "favorite" is when I take photos that reveal... hairs sticking out of the paint job! That happens more than I'd like to admit, probably because I never paint with magnification and can easily miss these things until the end. I also think that sometimes photography can reveal a little _too_ much - after all figures will never look perfect under such close scrutiny and there's not much we can do to correct that.

    Oddly I've tried taking photos with my wife's DSLR and they never came out as good as the ones taken with my low-end Canon A series!

  6. As for the miniatures: the pimp is pretty nice, I love the colours and the little touches like the leopard hatband are great! The nurse could probably use some kind of refractory effect ("gem" style) on the syringe to make the contents look more liquid, and her hair would probably look better in a slightly more tan coloured blonde (eg 50:50 yellow and bleached bone).


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