Painting Services (no longer)

In my house I cook.  For 15 years nearly every meal that I have been home for is a meal I have cooked.  At first I really enjoyed cooking, especially when it was just me and Stef and I could swing by the grocery store on the way home from work and pick up what I needed for that night's dinner.  After a while, especially with kids who are less than appreciative of anything complex, it just becomes tedious.  Soul crushing.

For a long time I thought painting commission pieces would be a good way to bring in some sorely needed extra cash while allowing me to paint some things I wouldn't otherwise choose to paint.  In the end it's just become like cooking.  It has taken something I enjoy and relegated it to the realm of the tediously necessary.

Therefore, unless you are a friend with a special request, I am not doing any more commission work.  Thousands of points and hundreds of models of 40k are painted, boxed and shipped, and I am now done.

If I still have something of yours I will complete it.  The Big Box of Eldar is the bulk of that.

I want to paint for my own pleasure.  I really enjoyed what I have painted for people, but that time is over.  If you were among those for whom I painted, I truly thank you.  It was fun, but it's just not fun anymore.