Thursday, August 30, 2012

Black Crusade Deadline Mere Hours Away

Falk sent out the three hour warning today, so I have to assume the last chance to contribute is noon today, not midnight. Kick a few bucks in and possibly win a bunch of stuff. The linked post also includes a bunch of photos of the included models. It's roughly a 5k point army.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Last Chance To Win a Huge Army

Black Crusade 2012 is coming to a close. If you haven't thrown a few bucks their way, this is your last chance.

The contributions close at 12 AM EST on thursday, 30th of AUGUST, which is either tonight or tomorrow night. I always get confused when people use midnight as an exact moment. About half the time they mean the day before. So don't delay! This is your last chance to win a big Chaos Space Marine army, including pieces painted by me.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Noise Marines - Black Crusade 2012

Here are the Noise Marines, converted and built by Kenneth and painted by me. There are some really neat bits in this unit. I wish I had more time to work on these guys, but the sad confluence of vacations, bit ordering and very slow post from the other side of the pond conspired against me. Nevertheless, they are ready to deliver pain to the servants of the False Emperor.

Even though they are "finished" I am likely to touch up details over the course of the week, before they are sent off to the winner. Get in now! You only have a few days. Angel Giraldez is painting something for the army. That alone is worth the price of admission!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Lucius the Eternal - Black Crusade 2012

Here he is in final form. You only have a couple more days to get in on the charity raffle!
As you can see, my photography skills remain as mediocre as ever.

Later tonight, some Noise Marines!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Minis for <$1 + Back From Vacation!

I'm back from a week with my wonderful family! We had a great time, caught a few fish, ate ice cream, etc. Now the crunch time for the Black Crusade minis begins!

Now, on to the "insane deal" portion. There are only 5 days left on the Reaper kickstart. Currently, the $100 pledge level ("Vampire" level) gets you this:

That's about $.72 per mini for what's shown. Sure a single rat at that price isn't fantastic, but getting Ape-X (normally $13) and a Marilith ($11.50) in that deal more than makes up for a couple rats. Plus, everyone gets more as the pledged total increases, so get in now and help grow it for everyone.

Oh, and this level unlocks the ability to purchase sooooo much more. Want dragons for $10-15 each? Yeah, that cheap. Check this out.

For reference, this is what it looked like 20 days ago:

Friday, August 10, 2012

100 Figure Case, Delivered, for $26

I know I've been hawking kickstarts like crazy, but I just realized that the Reaper Bones kickstart has a figure case available as an option to all funding levels for $25. That means you could pledge at the $1 level, add the $25 to the pledge amount and claim the case. Even if you're not interested in getting a ton of minis, that's a fantastic deal.

And just today, the $405k stretch goal was revealed. Two demons (Rauthuros and Agramon the Pit Fiend) will be available to add as a $15 option. In metal the two would total $75.

Edit: I just got clarification from Reaper on this. Yes, it's true, up to five units to U.S. or Canada. If you want more than five you'd have to pay actual shipping.

Noise Marines Have Arrived! (Plus Kickstarter News)

The Black Crusade 2012 Noise Marines I committed to paint have finally arrived. Now comes crunch time. I have about four evening to paint ten very cool looking servants of Slaanesh. Argh. Doing them any justice in four nights will be a task of Herculean scope (if Hercules was a pudgy old guy hunched over in a chair painting toys perhaps.)

Not much to look at yet
Oh my, but I do have a long way to go on them. Yikes.

Kickstarter news: 

Jack Houston and the Necronauts funded. Barely, but yay! A stop-motion point and click adventure game was too cool an idea to pass up.

John K (of Ren and Stimpy) had his cartoon "Cans Without Labels" reach the 100% mark. For a minimal contribution you can get a cartoon!

Wyrd Miniatures' Evil Baby Orphanage has 3 days left to jump in. At the $55 level you get the card game, three minis that can be Malifaux proxies, a case, poster, two expansions, and a deck of evil baby cards that can be used as a Malifaux fate deck. I doubt they will make their $100k stretch goal but you never know!

Reaper Bones continued to swell, with the baseline contribution reward growing well past 100 minis now, and options for lots of other things that would have cost a mint before. The dragon Ebonwrath (previously $70 in metal) is a $10 add-on option. Shadow Dragon ($30) and Fire Dragon ($33) add-on together for $15 (not quite reached but soon.) Fire Giant king and queen (combined price about $58) as a $10 add-on. This is the all you can eat Reaper buffet I tells ya. I just hope their sales aren't negatively impacted for the next two years because everyone has more minis than they could possible paint (ha!)

Cool Mini Or Not kick off their third campaign, Relic Knights, featuring Soda Pop Miniatures. They are certainly interesting kits but I don't think I'll be getting in on this one. I seem to be alone on this based on the fact that it's >500% funded after about two days.

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Lucius the Eternal - and eye problems

I've got Lucius mostly done, but this has been a difficult week to paint. My left eye has something strange going on where the lid is all red and puffy and goopy with conjunctiva. As a result, everything looks like soft focus through that eye. As it turns out, painting with one eye in focus and one eye fuzzy is really honking difficult. My depth perception was completely messed up. In any case, Here is the current WIP.
I was going to go with blue and red cords fading to purple and pink in the ... tentacle thingy. Hobby buddy Jimmy convinced me otherwise. I had done some Nurgle work for him where I painted tentacles to look like umbilical cord. Considering how much fleshtone is already on this guy, that ended up being a nice look. Granted, it's not as precise as I would like (as in... ugh) but I couldn't really wait until my eyes were 100% to make progress on him.

In other news, Noise Marines I am also painting for Black Crusade 2012 have not arrived. They have been in transit from the UK for more than 10 days now.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Evil Baby Orphanage ... Another Kickstart

Fun looking party card game from Wyrd. I want some stretch goals, so buy this now. Do it. Now.
From the Kickstart page...
Evil Baby Orphanage is a card game for three or more players. Each player takes on the role of a Time-Nanny in an Evil Baby Orphanage, kidnapping villains throughout history and raising them to be accountants, ballerinas, or... something. Each player takes turns playing cards to help keep their Evil Babies from burning down their whole orphanage, and adopting more Evil Babies from the Time Stream.
Use good toys to keep Evil Babies from wreaking havoc, bad toys to encourage Evil Babies in other orphanages to cause a little trouble, and various Nanny actions to swap and adopt them as you try to keep the most evil out of the time stream.
I love non-collectible card games lately. I collect enough lead/tin/plastic that I don't want to add paper to the list. Infernal Contraption, Munchkin, Dominion... all great fun.