Saturday, August 04, 2012

Lucius the Eternal - and eye problems

I've got Lucius mostly done, but this has been a difficult week to paint. My left eye has something strange going on where the lid is all red and puffy and goopy with conjunctiva. As a result, everything looks like soft focus through that eye. As it turns out, painting with one eye in focus and one eye fuzzy is really honking difficult. My depth perception was completely messed up. In any case, Here is the current WIP.
I was going to go with blue and red cords fading to purple and pink in the ... tentacle thingy. Hobby buddy Jimmy convinced me otherwise. I had done some Nurgle work for him where I painted tentacles to look like umbilical cord. Considering how much fleshtone is already on this guy, that ended up being a nice look. Granted, it's not as precise as I would like (as in... ugh) but I couldn't really wait until my eyes were 100% to make progress on him.

In other news, Noise Marines I am also painting for Black Crusade 2012 have not arrived. They have been in transit from the UK for more than 10 days now.


  1. Oh yeah! I meant to tell you. Last week while you were at my house, T' and I noticed some weird redness thing going on with your eye. You should check that out.

    But hey, Ive always said "HAKOMIKE could paint better with one eye tied behind his back!" L.T.E. still looks pretty good to me ;) (thats not a winky face... its a HAKOMIKE "ol' one eye" face.)

  2. I agree Lucius looks pretty good for only one eye.


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