Friday, March 01, 2013

The Plan Backfires

In an attempt to diverge from the path of "everything 30% complete" that I seemed to have been on lately, I attempted a new policy of not switching figures once I started painting one. I would paint it start to finish. Wow, did that go wrong. Instead of focusing me on painting one model, I ended up just not painting if I didn't feel like painting the current exclusive model-of-the-moment. Whoops.

Anyway, here is the current thing I am finishing. Yes, that's the same model that was going to be part of someone's Christmas gift. It still is, just a tad belated.
A few things need completion (including the gems and top piece) and there is some cleanup to do. I tried to stick to the box art for the banner as much as possible, but I'll be going with a darker cloth base to match the wings I did with the darker interior.  I did learn one thing with this... don't make the background of any detail work a series of paints and washes. You will inevitably need to fix some slop and you'll never get it right if the fix is elaborate. Stick to paint color that you can reproduce easily in one small spot.

I have been trying to transition to the new GW paint set someone bought me for Christmas. Ouch. I am surprised how much of my planning involved knowing the colors of the old range. I find myself scanning the cardboard "chest" that holds the paint jars (a great idea if you ask me) for something that looks like color x.


  1. I usually try to strike a balance between must-do's and nice to do's. In the past I always stuck to 1 main project and have a couple small pieces sitting around in case I get bored of it or something.

    This year is going completely the opposite. I have something like 8-9 projects all out on the desk at once and am intermittently working on all of them. If I can keep pulling like this I am going to destroy my paint points goal for this year.

  2. Seen the post days ago but was unsure about how should I feel... I've had the same problem, specially since I stopped buying stuff and started modelling my own so not only left half painted minis but half sculpted too wich is awful... yet I find the coment above is right. To find a "nice to do" list would balance the "must" one.

    On the other side this might be cause you actually use your minis to, well what they were meant for... playing games. So you "need" (insert mini name here) for the next game, I imagine. Things aren't as fun when you have to do them (i.e. feel obligated to finisht it on time for a gift or game).

    I find myself rather confused; went "back to school" (being a grown up) to learn and polish sculpture techniques, but a year after I find myself not learning as much as I did in the begining and loosing they joy for sculpting (maybe cause I have no time to do what I'd like to and instead I fell into the arts-ty way of the "business" with expositions and so).

    Dunno, may you start playing some RPG where you could use those reaper bones, inventing custom campaigns for each sesion and thus painting the monsters you will display as GM (just a couple of rats, a sketeton...) or try dropping down point value on your games and maintain them skirmish squad based, swiching factions instead of collecting big armies...

    wow, wrote so much; time for a beer.

  3. I always make sure I have at least two things 'on the go' at any one time so I can switch between them rather than stopping painting. I'll generally have one main "I should be getting this done" project and then something I'm doing for just me.

    Right now, my main project is base coating and washing some Chaos Cultists for one of my wife's commissions (she's behind, so I'm tagging in on grunt work) while my 'treat' is playing around with an Inquisition Scribe Henchman, trying new techniques and working on my faces... That way, when the cultists are dragging, I can go and do something that is appealing as a break, and my eternal painting mountain is still creeping downwards.


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