Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Camera Comparison (old vs. older)

Just a little fun with the cameras tonight.  I finally found the charger for my 2 year old Casio Exilim 7.2 Mp camera after having it be lost for a few weeks.

This first pic is from my 8 year old Olympus Camedia 2.1 Mp.  The second if from my Casio.  Both are pretty much in default mode, with only the macro setting on, no flash and using self timer.  I think both cameras were using f1.8.  The setup for the mini was exactly the same for both pics, meaning I didn't move the mini or the lighting between shots.  The only change was switching the tripod over to each camera.

I like the colors a lot more on the newer camera.  I wonder if CCD technology has gotten better or is the internal software better now.  Looking at the two pics I would say the Casio pic looks more like the mini, warts and all.  Clicking on each pic here should give you a good idea of how much more information the Casio records than the Olympus.

And because I just can't seem to give up goofing off and go to bed here are a couple more pics I took tonight with the Casio.  It takes nice pics, but it really captures the flaws too.

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