Thursday, June 14, 2012

Some Original Lead

Much like today, 2/3 remain unpainted
 Back when I was a lad into D&D and what-not, miniatures held a fascination for me. For the life of me, I don't remember where I used to buy them though. The local drug store (!) sold D&D and gaming stuff, so I suppose I could have picked these up at Uber's Drugs in Brighton, MI. Take that, search engines.

The leftmost fellow is a Ral Partha 01-099 "Armoured Giant mounted on War Elephant" from 1979. Oddly, most of the references I see for this one are catalogs from 1983 or so. The middle guy is Citadel's FTT4 "Troll in Chainmail with Scimitar." He is carrying a bound woman over his left shoulder. Looking at all the models in that sub-range, someone clearly had to sculpt a lot of troll wang. The base of the troll has this mysterious lower case 'a' on it. The top of the troll's base clearly reads "Citadel" and then something that might be "ATM". It was sculpted by Tom Meier, so I suppose that makes sense.

Troll and Giant's bases

top of Troll's base... "Citadel ATM"?

The rightmost fellow is a bit of a mystery. The top of his base is sculpted like a stone floor. The bottom has only "MP" inscribed. Something deep in my brain wants to call him an ogre. Anyone recognize him?

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  1. Ah, old mystery figures. Always a fine sport. If you have a CMON account, try posting pics there, there are still a few old timers around who might know them.

    I think that decent sculpts were sufficiently uncommon back then that figures could appear for years after their release, sold by different companies as molds changed hands*. Also, Troll Wang was common for some reason. It _is_ funny I guess.

    * this of course continues as many old Grenadier figures have been licensed/sold around (eg. Mega Miniatures) so if your old Julie Guthrie fantasy stuff has succumbed to lead rot you can buy it again in nice new pewter.