Thursday, June 14, 2012

Blood Bowl Slayers

That's it. Team is now has maximum Slayers.
Here are the Slayers for my rapidly expanding Dwarf Blood Bowl team. For a camera snapshot edited in picasaweb, the photo isn't half bad. There's still some shine on the left one that Dullcote didn't take care of. I may need to brush on some matte later. Also, I pretty much hate the right one's foot on the ground. I should have filed away some to fix the fact that his little toe and big toe are about the same size.

These fellows were both eBay rehabilitations.

Battle for Skull Pass Slayer Lord

2006 Games Day Daemon Slayer


  1. Looking great bro! Dwarf pitch next!

  2. These guys look great! The transformation is awesome. Really nice painting and they will make the team very characterful.