Thursday, June 21, 2012

Glory to the Protectorate! Also, doodles.

The beautifully painted Protectorate of Menoth was victorious today against the merely primed aggressors from Cygar. Without realizing it, Brian and I had both chosen armies completely from Warmachine: Prime.

Sit, children, as the tale unfolds.

Fearless, the two adversaries charged across the battlefield. "Weren't there only two buildings and a nondescript lake/woods placeholder in prior weeks?" one choir member asked. His unit commander glared harshly. The terrain quality was not to be discussed.

I want whatever is growing on those hills for my lawn

First blood! As the forces neared, Eiryss ran to get in a good position to disrupt some 'jacks. Fearing the havoc she could cause and unable to hit her directly, Severius cast Ashes to Ashes on the Charger positioned near her. Eiryss was consumed in the boosted secondary fire damage. Haley responded by arcing chain lightning through the Repenter into Herne, Jonne and a choir member. Herne succumbed to the jolt entirely, while Jonne easily weathered the abuse. The choir member vanished in a puff of black dust. The Charger popped another choir member, bringing their number to two. The remaining choir, panicked by their high mortality rate, looked to Severius for courage. (I rolled a 9 for the command check, one more than the choir leader's CMD but matching Sevvy's CMD. Good thing all warcasters have the commander advantage!)

apparently, mercs die first

 The Cygnaran battle group had placed themselves in poor position, opening charge lanes for the Protectorate 'jacks. The choir sang their battle hymn, and the Eye of Menoth shown on the Repenter and Crusader as they charged the Lancer, scrapping it. The Revenger, ignoring the Charger on the hill, charged the Ironclad hiding behind the oil drums. The Ironclad was seriously damaged, but still intact. Severius stepped forward and invoked his Divine Might feat, so that Haley would receive no focus the next turn.

After dealing with Khador armor, damaging
Cygnar 'jacks is like stepping on puppies.

In an attempt to recover from this serious disadvantage, Haley stepped up, popped her feat and took two shots at Severius. The lack of focus hindered her greatly and both shots missed. The Charger shot twice and managed to knock Severius down to 5 of his 16 health. Slightly better rolls and Cygnar would have won the day.

Severius almost lost in the classic fashion... putting
himself too close to the action. Hang back, old man.
The Crusader stepped over to finish off the Ironclad, freeing the Revenger to advance and attack Haley. Two halberd attacks ended the Cygnar warcaster. Victory!

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