Thursday, June 28, 2012

40k: BFF Matrix

Just a few thoughts on the allies chart that is making the blog rounds... The chart breaks down who will fight with whom at what level of cooperation. I do not know if there are specific rules yet for each level of alliance.

Nids don't play well with others. We get it. Rarrr, we eat you.

Who would have guessed that Tau were so friendly? They are battle brothers with Eldar and Space Marines and allies of convenience with just about everyone else. They'll even fight with Chaos Daemons, Dark Eldar and SoB in a pinch. Time for a 30" S5 gunline / Khorne Berzerker army.

Grey Knights aren't as uptight as they seem at first glance either. Sure, they won't fight alongside Chaos... that's sort of their thing... but they are cool with everyone else, including (but grudgingly) Orks and Dark Eldar.) But not nids. Rarrr, we eat you.

Eldar will not ally with any chaos (makes sense) or Necrons (nobody likes to be out-anciented) but they are buddies with Tau. Maybe Tau are easy to manipulate.

Maybe I'm not up on Dark Eldar fluff, but the idea of a Slaaneshi Daemon list with Dark Eldar seems odd. (Or is it? Aren't they a little miffed about "The Fall" as well?)

Imperial Guard are cool with every Space Marine variety, but only work with SoB or GK about as well as they work with Orks, Tau or any Chaos. Adjusting for the Terra-Fan-Club effect they are almost as friendly as Tau.

A little additional reading indicates that there is some new fluff that suggests that Tau are the only race unable to succumb to the taint of chaos. Everybody loves fish-heads now. Why do I think this will lead to a new Tau book in the fairly near future? We need S5 gunlines now! Sell them to us! Let us use both marker-lights and "guide" on them!

And to anyone who converted a corrupted Tau army or something, too bad for you.

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