Saturday, June 23, 2012

Black Crusade 2012 Lucius WIP 2

I am motivated to get as much done as possible on Lucius before the unit of Noise Marines I will be painting arrives, so here is more WIP.
The faces are my beloved Tallarn Flesh (sniff) with my new favorite highlight mixer VMC Ivory, shaded with 50/50 Tallarn/dark flesh. One surprising realization lately is that my bottle of VGC black is glossy (or at least satin.) Trying to paint black details under strong light is nearly impossible, since the black reflects the light back at me. I need to put the bottle in the shaker for a minute or two to make sure it hasn't just settled funny, but I have a bottle of VMC black to try as well, since VMC has both a black and a glossy black. Here's hoping the non-glossy black is actually flat.

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  1. I've been doing a little reseach on the black topic and I found via internet that abbadon (base not layer range) compared to chaos black from the previous citadel line has a nice/stronger matt finish to it.

    Also I can tell from experience VMC black, if shaken well, is pretty matt too but since black is a color we end up using a lot (I prime grey) I feel like buying an abbadon black paint bottle this week and telling you first-hand.

    I'm more a Vallejo customer but a citadel one now and then won't hurt :)