Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Dice Catch Up To Feora

Warmachine happy fun lunch time mini battle report!

Khador was feeling low. Gorman di Wulfe had almost single-handedly thwarted their strike force, first by lobbing an acid grenade that killed most of an Iron Fang Pikemen unit, then by repeatedly blinding The Butcher's only warjack, a Juggernaut. Feora kept lurking Kayazy assassins at bay with her wall of flame until she could get close enough to feat nearly all of them to ashes.

Finally it was just The Butcher, the Kayazy boss, a Repenter, Reckoner, choir, Gorman and Feora. Things were looking good for the Protectorate. The Reckoner had just trashed the Juggernaut, and was in turn reduced to scrap by the Butcher on his feat turn. Gorman stepped up and acid bombed the Kayazy boss, but the grenade fell a little short and caught both of them, killing Gorman and his target. The Repenter, no longer blocked by the Kayazy boss, used his charge lane to charge the Butcher, doing about 1/3 damage. The Butcher returned the favor by scapping the Repenter. Lola is not to be trifled with.

It came down to this. The Butcher, buffed with Iron Flesh for an impressive 17 DEF and enough focus on him to have equivalent 21 ARM stood alone against Feora and the choir. The choir charged, hoping to score a lucky damage point or two. Needed 12 to hit, none did. Feora powered up with Engine of Destruction and charged. With her MAT buff, she needed 7 to hit. If she could pull off 11 more damage, the Butcher would be dead.

The charge roll: MISS
Second initial attack: MISS
Focus for a third attack: MISS
Focus for a fourth attack: MISS
Focus for a fifth attack: HIT ... damage roll of 7 for a total of 3 damage.
Focus for a sixth attack: HIT ... damage roll of 6 for a total of 2 damage.

The onslaught subsided, the Butcher hefted Lola and in two swings ended Feora.

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