Sunday, June 10, 2012

Dwarf Scale Issues?

I received my Games Day Slayer to add to my Blood Bowl team. Putting him next to the models I already have, he looks ... large. Very large.
Looks like someone remembered to eat his Wheaties
I don't know if he's just a large model to begin with or if the Dungeon Bowl Dwarfs and the Skull Pass Slayer are just small. I figured he'd make a pretty cool Blood Bowl Slayer, especially in contrast to the other Slayer's berserk pose. Looking at the two of them together, the contrast is more than I expected. I'll finish painting him up and see how I feel then. Maybe I just need to convert up a comically large Deathroller to make everything else on the field seem tiny.


  1. Don't worry much about that dude. He still looks good, just figure out a way to tie him into the colour scheme. If you get a +ST he's your fig or even Mighty Blow..

  2. I think he looks fine, from the picture it does seem that noticeable.