Sunday, June 24, 2012

One Day Paint Job: Paladin of the Wall

As much as I've held off on this guy hoping to really do the sculpt justice, in the end he was relegated to the One Day Paint Job experiment. He is also the last solo from Warmachine: Prime that needed painting. (I have an alt sculpt Paladin, so I suppose you could say I have one to go...)

He can sacrifice his movement or action to
assume the "thick paint" stance.

I can't really say my heart was in it today. I spent a good deal of time on Lucius for Black Crusade, and painting this guy felt more like work than play. All the same, he's done and can be fielded in lunch battles. As much as I roll my eyes when people claim their model looks better in person than in a photo, this pic really washes out all the contrast in both the red and white. Oh well! My prediction is that he will have the perfect charge lane to the enemy warcaster, make a beautiful charge that is almost exactly his threat range, then completely whiff the attack roll. When your model's entire usefulness comes down to one roll, I routinely miss that roll. (Of course in the last game v. Brian, I did not miss once the entire game. The Law of Averages was loving me that day.)


  1. Models do often look better in real life than digital pics.

  2. What lighting did you use for the pic?

    Anyway, it looks good, I like how his face is just _barely_ visible, showing the man under the massive armour. Otherwise he'd look just like a warjack...