Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Blood Bowl Slayer WIP 2

This fellow got some work tonight. The skintone is interesting. I used Vallejo Game Color heavy skintone from their extra opaque line, basically their answer to GW foundation paints (just in time for GW to change absolutely everything, thank you very much.) The color is different than the color I thought they would be emulating, Tallarn Flesh, and is quite a bit colder in tone. I mixed VMC ivory in for highlights, so still pretty cold. Hey at least it wasn't white.

He's mighty pleased about something.
The team colors are blue and yellow. The figure has so much gold on it that adding yellow anywhere would seem redundant. Instead, I went for blue trousers and a blue stripe in the hair, both based on VGC extra opaque heavy blue. It's very much like Mordian Blue. The gold jewelry is currently basecoated VGC scrofulous brown. Gold metallics look so much better over a similar solid base color. I mixed a tiny bit of black into the s.brown to hit the channels in the medallions. I don't typically use black to shade (and neither should you!) but it seemed like a good choice at the time.

Once this guy is complete I will have 4 models painted and another 4 based and primed. The Skaven team all have flesh color basecoated, but only one model has a full paint job. I watch eBay for Dwarf or Skaven Blood Bowl figs, and I'm really shocked at how much they go for, especially the older Skaven. I'd love to get one of those old throwers holding the ball low and pointing, but all the lots with a fig like that have gone for $75 or so. Granted there were 10-15 figs per lot, but that's the one I really have my eye on. Deathrollers seem to be in high demand as well. I'll probably just scratch build one since that sounds like a fun project.

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