Friday, June 01, 2012

First Blood Bowl / Dungeon Bowl Dwarfs

I started painting the Dungeon Bowl Dwarfs. To strip the old paint job off I soaked them in Simple Green for a couple days then took an old toothbrush to them. The paint remained quite stubborn, so I tried some Vallejo airbrush cleaner. Wow, what a difference. I'll have to try that stuff on a dry painted model just to see how it works, but it was dramatically better than the Simple Green soak. I only used a couple of teaspoons of it, just enough to wet the toothbrush and scrub.

Here is my current test model as he thinks fondly back to games of yore, painted in the official Dungeon Bowl Dwarf scheme. My painting on the padding is kind of clumsy, so I might have to develop a better technique for that. The yellow is a royal pain. Maybe I'll airbrush them, but the airbrush is a royal pain too.

He dreams of oranger days.

In anticipation of getting the Dwarf team I acquired a Slayer Lord from the old Skull Pass starter box and converted him to a Blood Bowl Slayer.

He's just here for the Slaying

I'm pretty happy with how he is turning out. Since this photo I've painted the ground as grass. I like the splash of color the green gives. I've got another Slayer on the way, a Games Day Demon Slayer with a very pleased look, which should make a fun Blood Bowl mini.

So despite the fact that I have zero idea with whom I will play this game, I am getting two teams and a pitch together. I need to scrape up an 8 sided die too, I guess.


On the work battle front, Brian and I have resumed lunch Warmachine. So far I'm running about 50% wins, which is far better than I've done in the past. Arc node blasting works well for me, and this last game I used Feora's "Engine of Destruction" extra movement to surprise the Butcher and cut him down in a flurry of P+S 17 attacks. The big disappoint for that battle was that Rorsch got killed before Brine took even one swing at an enemy. 9 points, and all they did combined was finish off a man-o-war demo squad member.


  1. Looking great mate! Looking forward to seeing how they come out, so I'm now following your Blog :-)

  2. Yellow, sir? You're a brave man, that's for sure.

  3. They look great, both of them!

  4. Pretty awesome painting.Please show us the team when you paint them :)


  5. Good repaint, he looks much better now, and I do like the blue/yellow uniform scheme for Blood Bowl. As for playing... perhaps you need to develop the game of Warmachine Bowl. Because there's no nothing blitzer like a steam powered magical mecha!

  6. "no nothing"? Learn to proof read, Allison :P

  7. They look great! I really like the yellow, nice and strong. Have you considered doing dome damage to the plates? I doubt the dwarfs would keep them nice and tidy for long. And great us for that slayer character!

  8. PS Having seen your colours I am now sold an trying a yellow colour for my new Underworld Team - I hope I can pull it off as well as you have!

  9. @Paul... an evenly colored undercoat (I used ochre, will try Vallejo heavy goldbrown next) and multiple thin coats of your actual yellow are the only way I know how to do this without getting that chunky acrylic texture look. Or airbrush. Like I said, they're both a pain.