Monday, October 01, 2012

40k Nurgle Sorcerer WIP 2

I put some more work in on Mr. Nurgle here. He's looking about how I had expected, even if the Nurglings are a little low-contrast for my taste Once the backpack and banner are on I think he'll look more complete

The dark green bubbles on the base are liquid green stuff. This is the first time I've used it, and it was goopier than I expected. I ended up thinning a little with water before using it, much like I do with milliput. Once thinned it took a pretty nice hemisphere shape. I should have held it upside down a little while to let it set better.

The base is cork layers, Vallejo black lava for texture and little metal bits (grating and a gear) from the GW 40k basing set. I ended up carving down some spots for his feet to avoid the ever popular "floating on the base" look. I hate that, but it's really hard to avoid if you are making bases with any kind of complexity.

Oh, and tonight's secret sauce? Vallejo Model Color "black glaze" (70855.) I used it like crazy tonight, sometimes straight and sometimes mixed with a little brown glaze (70854.) I know shading with black has problems, but it just worked for me tonight. It certainly has a a different quality of color than VMC black (70950) does.   


  1. Lookin' good so far.

    And what did you say you thin your putty with ? ...milliput is always water but kneadatite (greenstuff, even if it's liquid) ? maybe some kind of alcohol based solvent ?

    Have yet to pick vallejo's wash set, didn't so far cause already own pale grey and green washes and greedy as I am I'm not comfy about having repeated bottles in my paints box.

  2. @javi, the stuff I used is "liquid green stuff" which is a recent GW addition to their hobby line. It's basically green putty in a paint jar, but since it doesn't cure in the jar I don't think it's kneadatite (or any other epoxy.) I used water to thin it.

    There are some interesting differences between Vallejo's game color washes and the model color glazes. The glazes are almost like paste out of the bottle, and I thinned them to where I wanted them. The washes are thin out of the bottle. I'm afraid I have a terrible desire for repeated colors in my paints box because I'm always curious how one company/line compares to the others.

  3. He's looking great, though Nurgle models are always a double-edged sword. If done right (like yours here) they look more gross than good, but that's the point, heh.

  4. Thumbs up pal, terrific info about VGC / VMC washes and glazes... thanks a lor Mr.!

    Sad thing is you made me want to try the VMC ones too. Sweet wallet of mine!


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