Monday, October 29, 2012

The Burning Brand of Skalathrax

I am more and more interested in this Chaos Artefact, probably because (as far as I can tell) it's the only ranged weapon a Daemon Prince can take. Am I wrong? The uillustration shows him with a big ol' boltgun, but I sure can't find any way to give him anything from the wargear section.

Woot for ap3 and torrent. This thing can lay a template of hurt pretty much where you want it and kills half the loyalists under it dead. Add sould blaze for the change of another kill or two. Admittedly, at its absolute highest number of hits, soul blaze only has a 25% chance of killing one marine (0.5 burn out x 3 hits * 0.5 to wound * 0.33 armor, right?) I suppose it might be a little worrisome if you stick it on a lightly armored IC. 

So here's the more epic version of the BBoS. It's just a dragon head and hook from the chaos vehicle sprue, along with the igniter from the original flamer muzzle. Looking at the photo I can see gaps, so I'm guessing I'll be filling or filing/re-gluing soon. Ah, bleary eyes and late night hobbying.

rawr. I flame at you.

I spent most of the weekend writing PHP for work in prep for a dog & pony on Monday, so any hobbying I did was distinctly jeopardizing my deadlines. Poor, poor me.


  1. Looks good. I too have plans to use this particular artifact, though on my Termie-armoured warlord. I'm leaning towards the Kai Gun metal model that came on an old CSM Terminator Lord I had painted up some time ago:


  2. Great concept. I have been using a BBoS to great effect on a MoN Lord with 5-man Plague Marines with 2 Plasma Guns. Any MEQ squad or less it has LoS to is in trouble.

  3. Its awesome on a biker lord. my Nurgle list features 6 bikers (two flamers) plus Lord with the Brand, designed to race around the flanks and roast anyone hiding in cover. I have lots of other things in the list to deal with armour but an alternative loadout would be to give the unit meltaguns, get the Lord to leave the unit in the movement phase, smash the transport with meltas and combi-melta from the bikers and then roast the contents with the biker Lord.


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