Friday, October 26, 2012

Nurgle Demon Prince (Ultraforge)

Another hobby night comes and goes and I didn't do what I had planned. I did however do something with which I am pleased.

As I experienced in the past, Ultraforge makes some quality yuckiness. Now that I have my own CSM army, I thought I'd give this fellow another go as a Demon Prince. I've never been a big fan of GW's demon prince models, and this fellow looks like he could be an exalted plague marine just fine. 
I constructed the base from styrene, with a thick brass rod used to add structural integrity to the platform. The diagonal support beams are just for aesthetic. The goal was to suspend as much of the model over negative space as possible, and there is definitely a strange visual flow to the piece when you look at it. I think once the base is more muted and the mini more prominent it will be more like how I envisioned. I still intend to scratch build a large jump pack to act as "wings" for him. I'm thinking  1/2" tube, cut and arranged as three thrusters in the general nurgle trio shape. The outer two would be more or less in line with his shoulder joins, and the third centered on him and a bit more away from him. Jimmy suggested I grab some Ork Stormboy packs and use those, but I'd have to see how they size up. 

So the tally comes to about 70 playable models (painted or just assembled) and I have my first 2k game arranged soon vs. Blood Angels. This guy likes plasma cannons, but I think I can minimize damage if I keep distance between the models. Killing two or three 4-point models per plasma cannon shot will not wear this army down terrible fast. Unless he brings 15 of them. Then I have some problems. 

Ideas or suggestions for the jump pack or the base?

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  1. Love the elevated base, that is going to look very cool once painted. I think Stormboy packs might be too small, the idea you have cooking with the tubes seems more than feasible.


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