Friday, October 19, 2012

Chaos Sorcerer, Plague Zombie and a Rat Flail

So after purchasing a Dark Vengeance set and a CSM codex, I find myself wanting to put something together to field. Another army. Even I am surprised. I had bought Nurgle Lord Typhus a while ago, and between a unit of plague marines I traded for, the Hellbrute, HQ, Chosen and cultists in DV I figured I am most of the way to a fieldable army. I like the fact that Typhus can turn any unit of cultists into plague zombies. The only issue I had was the idea of giving up the cultists shooting for the sake of zombification. Enter FLGS and a box of Wargames Factory zombies. For a meager $20 you get 30 modern looking zombies with lots of permutation options, with 5 sprues of six zombies in each box. When I first opened them I was a little worried about scale, but seeing them next to a cultist leader from DV and alongside lots of other 40k models I am not so worried now. 

Size comparison shot ... Space Marine, Eldar Guardian, Imperial guardsman,
Wargames Factory Zombie, Chaos Cultist, Nurgle Chaos Sorcerer, Blood Bowl Dwarf

Sure, they look smaller than a Space Marine, but not appreciable smaller than an Imperial Guardsman. They will make excellent civilian zombies.

A few weeks ago during hobby night, Mike made me a "rat flail" for one of my cultists to wield. It goes well with the pose of the model. Original rat flail inspiration here.
Here's a little closer pic of the DV cultist and the WGF zombie. On a regular GW base they don't look too out of place.

Lastly we have the completed Nurgle Sorcerer. The fly on the banner turned out quite a bit more cartoony than I had hoped. Oh, well. He's off to his owner as soon as I can get over there. I will likely face him on the field of simulated battle one day. Considering I have played maybe 5 games of 40k in the last two years, it may be a while. Despite infrequent play, I still like to think of myself as a player of the game. Evidence says otherwise.

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  1. I like the rat flail idea, but I don't like the distinct lack of blood bowl in this post ;) :P


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