Thursday, October 04, 2012

Unmatched Rat Meta

I have been playing Book of Heroes casually for a couple months now. It's fun, and modestly social if you are raiding in guilds.

But the clincher? The rats. Oh, man. Check this guy out. He's a rat, riding a bigger rat, swinging a flail made from the skull of a rat. Way to pack in the rats, Book of Heroes. The rat people are called Rath'een, and are the closest thing to Skaven I think they could include without needing to retain legal counsel. I was amused that the proper names for the Rath'een could have come right out of The Underempire too. Skar? Trask? Yeah, pretty sure I remember them. Heck, maybe the authors hung out there and the names are an homage. If I run into a Vorg I'll know it's true.

Short version: BoH is fun. Try it.

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  1. Ah, skirting others' copyright. But of course, who can blame them? GW didn't invent rat-people either, and just like everything else, they cribbed the Skaven from a bunch of other sources. They're sort of the Disney of gaming ;)

    But yeah that IS a lot of rats on one page.


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