Friday, September 28, 2012

Busy Hobby Shelf Update

The busy hobby shelf tells its unwavering tale of projects started, projects finished and projects left idle. The Blood Bowl Skaven and Dwarf teams sit proudly by my NAF dice, but in nearly the same state they were in last update. Forgeworld Nurgle Sorcerer has had some progress, although I broke his weapon end off and had to pin it back on. A figure from Munchkin Quest sits barely started. The most recent addition is the Vassal of Menoth on the far right. He's for our little Steamroller tournament at work (only 2 people, and only 15 points, but hey... we're playing.) My opponent Brian painted the Gunboar on the shelf for my not-quite-started Pigs 'n' Gators army. I can't quite remember why Gunboar migrated from the WM/H model storage to the hobby shelf.

Last night was a fun hobby night with Mike, Mark, Andrew and Kyle all showing up. Mark showed off his Ork flyer while Mike struggled assembling a Khador mortar. Apparently the fit of the model is a frustration.

I may have successfully kicked my Kickstarter habit for the time being. As much as I was enjoy buying stuff on "preBay" I managed to let some pass without contributing. Some were more painful than others, but it's getting easier. Just takin' it a day at a time...

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  1. "Need a Commisar? Why not Zoidberg?" So, I need to update my blog. (If I can actually remember how to sign into the thing.)

    "Hi, I'm Mike, and I am a kickstarter junkie..." Good to hear. Remember, you have so many minis, even your son will have to bequeath them to his grandchildren.


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