Monday, September 10, 2012

40k Meme

Yeah, I don't really know what I was thinking either. It's based on the "Why not Zoidberg?" meme.

Clumsily done in Gimp. Then updated again.


  1. Heh, too funny! My Vespids never quite performed as they should, whenever I think of them I always think of the motor scooter Vespas.

  2. OK, first knockoff of the Zoidberg meme that I have liked. Although admittedly, the mixed up futurama meme was funny...


  3. Great idea but...

    Why not JUST zoidberg ? vespid allways felt like horrible sculpts/minis to me. Ugly mofos.

    Would love to see fanmade vespid or conversion/reinterpretations of that subject. Oh, and BTW, haven't played WH40K in over a decade or two but, weren't the tau supposed to be fastattack troops already ?

    LMFAO !! @ Auberoun's meme

    just forgot, love your paint!

  4. @Javi don't you think that female vespid would have really big bottoms? (I imagine so, to go with the whole insectoid theme.)


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