Sunday, November 29, 2009

Rat Ogre Bonebreaker WIP ... painting

Conversion is done and I've started painting this guy.  He's pretty big.  Even with his poor posture he stands taller then classic Boneripper (not counting the Warlord, of course.)

The one thing I'm kind of torn about is using the Stormvermin champion as a Warlord.  On the one hand, this model makes a pretty good looking Lord.  On the other, everyone is going to be using it as such.  I suppose I shouldn't fret about it... everyone used the old Warlord model as a Warlord and I never once complained about the frequency of the model.  I suppose it's in the career track for Fangleader (Stormvermin champion) to become chieftain and then warlord anyway.

Bits-wise, the shield is a Night Runner shield with spiked from Skink spears (javelins?)  The pole is an old Skaven standard that came with plastic clanrats back in the day before the plastic command sprue came in that box.  It came with a standard, a drummer arm / drum, and a champion head / sword arm.

Update: Finished model here.

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