Monday, November 30, 2009

Rat Ogre Bonebreaker WIP ... painting part 2

He's coming along nicely, with lots and lots of matte varnish on that standard pole to make a logical lift point for the model.  I'm still a little freaked out by his deformed feet, but a well placed giant rat, rock or static grass tuft will mitigate the crapitude of the sculpt.  Or maybe I can just say that his deformed left foot is a touching homage to the 6th edition clanrat's left foot. 

I've been challenged to a siege game, 3k of my Skaven vs. 2k of Empire.  Yeah.  Between Rat Ogres, the Screaming Bell(s), Warlock Engineers (Crack's Call!) and Warp Lightning Cannons I don't think a castle has a chance.  Maybe the guys in the mambo shirts will bring enough guns to take my rats down, but I highly doubt it.  I'm hoping to turn one of his units into clanrats and cause a great deal of havoc inside the walls.  Hope you brought some dispel scrolls, Karl Kastle!

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  1. Wait, you're talking about a giant mutated rat-ogre, riddled with all sorts of deformities ... and you're worried about his feet looking deformed? I don't think you would need to explain it away at all, nearly the entire creature is deformed! ;)


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