Wednesday, November 18, 2009

2 Skaven casters and OSL

I'm really loving the fact that Skaven has new magic options in the form of lvl 1 and 2 casters. The Warlock Engineer as he was before was a strange bird... pretty much good for overpowered warp lightning or as a brass orb suicide launcher. The plague priest, on the other hand, was definitely a melee character who could be given the Liber Bubonicus to make him a lvl 1 wizard. I tried it a couple times and could never really get much use out of the spell it gave him.

In honor of our new casters I painted up a couple of models.  The first is a Plague Priest based on an old metal Plague Monk.  I was inspired by Big D's first OSL attempts over at The Hogs of War, so I tried a little myself.  Of course I pick a model with a ton of irregular surfaces in the lit area.  It really needs to be brighter on his face to match the sleeve.  I was really happy with the freehand work until I saw the photo.  Photography is so unforgiving.

I also painted up this old Skaven warlock. I had filed off his clan Skryre tags ages ago and was using him (primed white) as a Plague Priest.  It occurred to me that the skull would make a cool brass orb. Voila!  A warlock engineer that I could have played in the previous edition!  I like the effect on the sword, and I took ages to highlight and shade the robes but this model just seems to fall flat for me. Something doesn't 'pop' and I can't put my finger on it. Any thoughts?

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