Friday, November 20, 2009

Marauder Minis: Separated at Birth

I've managed to collect a strange variety of Skaven over time by buying eBay lots.  One of the things that has given me a chuckle for a while is that the old Marauder Miniatures line has some pretty obvious re-sculpts.  The Poison Wind Globadier (third one over, primed black) is the most obvious example, since his slot at the bottom says "MUSICIAN."  He is clearly just the musician to his right with some change in detail.  Only recently did I realize that the old Skaven Warlock at far left was the same sculpt as one of the current Poison Wind Globadiers, although not as blatant as the musician one.

EDIT: Apparently not all of these are Marauder minis.  The Globadier/Musician were Citadel minis.  If I'm not mistaken, the sculptors went on to form Marauder.

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