Saturday, July 08, 2006

Quiet Here Today

Stef, Sarah and Lily went to "the lake" with a friend of ours. I stayed home with Jay. Honestly, I can't stand beaches, and Stef gave me the out to stay home if I wanted to do something with my friends. I ended up staying home with Jay, and painted while he napped. I called the pawn shops instead of driving there, and none of them had received a bike today. I'm fluctuating between cheesed off and just exasperated about the whole bike thing.

A few nights ago I made an Oathstone from some Loctite brand epoxy putty, the kind that comes in a tube with a gray outside and a blue core. It really is nicer for large shapes than green stuff (kneadatite) and can be sliced, but it doesn't hold detail like green stuff. Instead it sort of crumbles as you carve into it. I'm not very happy with the gold on the helmet. It has a base, highlight and shade layer, and you can't see anything but bright gold. After the gold on the Blood Angels Chaplain came out so flat, I wanted to figure out gold with depth. Clearly from the photograph, I have not gotten there yet. Maybe I'll wash the whole thing chestnut just to take it down a peg, then re-highlight with a brighter gold.

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