Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Paint Faster! oh, and movies.

Okay, I've spent two nights with the Rune Priest, and I think one more serious session will finish it off for auction. Okay, maybe two nights, but by the end of the week for sure.

Tonight was basically just face, hair and a freehand on the left shoulder (which I cleverly hid in this photograph) but each could be something of a "show stopper" if done poorly. I'm happy with the results.

I've still got the second half of Bunty aur Babli to watch, but I just can't seem to sit myself down in front of a TV and watch it. I have become unaccustomed to watching much of anything, although I did watch Zathura with the kids a few days ago. I suppose it's sitting down and watching something by myself that is strange.

"The Lady in the Water" teaser trailer was one of the most evocative minutes of film I have ever seen. It seems like high praise for a teaser but I was absolutely riveted by the whole thing. The newer previews seem to give the farm away, but I suppose your usual movie patron expects that now. Do people feel some sort of accomplishment when they recognize scenes in the movie as having been in the trailer? Does it make them feel that they somehow intuited the parts that they had previously seen? I see people take such delight in seeing a joke that had first heard in a trailer finally being uttered in the full film, I almost think they believe they themselves had written the joke. I'm too hard on people...
M. Night Shyamalan is an unpredictable fellow. His movies range from all around amazing to head-scratchingly pointless or heavy handed. I don't really trust him with his own movies anymore, as strange as that sounds... as delightful as the teaser was for LitW, I have no delusions that the actual movie may not be utterly retarded. In his defense, The Village was very well done... for the most part... and maybe it shows he learned the lessons that Unbreakable and Signs had to offer.


  1. If you aren't enjoying B&B, I release you from any obligation to watch it... I know Bollywood isn't for everyone! Although i do wish you'd give "Kabhi Khushi, Kabhie Gham" a try as a last resort...

    I should remind everyone that M. Night is of Indian descent... maybe not making Bollywood, but still...

  2. oh, and you do know that pretty much the entire Haayo Miyazaki canon is available on US DVD now, right? Although I have to "cover" certain bits of Cagliostro Castle (mostly language) when watching w/ my nephews, they still laugh their heads off at the bit where Lupin slides down the roof and bounds across to Claris' tower. Good parent-child viewing!


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