Saturday, July 01, 2006

Nearly on the Block

The Black Templar is nearly complete. Or maybe complete... I haven't decided. In any case, here is a chance to try out one of the nifty backgrounds that came with my light tent. The camera settings haven't changed, but the details on the black figure come out so much better with the blue background. I wish I had a nice gray one, but I suppose I'll have to find a piece of gray paper or something for that.

Mark was over assembling his second Hordes army tonight. That means between Mark, Bill, Brian and myself we have six Warmachine armies and three Hordes armies, and only one repeat in those nine. I rely on Mark's painting advice a lot. He advised me tonight that Black Templars wear ivory tabards, not white. Oops. The axe had been red after last night, but enough people didn't like it that I decided to change it. I'm glad I went to blue. Since the power weapons all have those conductors on them, I figured I would use the axe's round shape to simulate one of those electric spheres that make a cool arc at your finger when you touch them. I also tried to light source the surfaces facing the power weapon to try and accentuate the fact that it is glowing. In game terms, the model is a veteran sergeant, basically a more powerful version of the basic soldier that leads a squad of 5-10 marines. To add the power weapon and plasma pistol that this guy is carrying takes him from being a 15 point model to a 50 point model. So what's my point? For all those extra points, I might as well make the weapon look cool for whoever is going to buy this fellow.

The ultramarine sergeant is lingering at the minimum bid. I'm hoping for some late auction sniping action, but even if there isn't any I'm still satisfied. For now.

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