Saturday, July 22, 2006

Planning and Execution

On Wednesday I was able to buy High Paladin Vilmon, a new solo for Warmachine. The sculpt is big fun, as you can see. I have to paint a fair deal of it before even assembling it! I play a Menoth army, but I'm painting him for eBay. Ouch... up until now I have painted things that I don't play or collect, so I had no attachments to them as they went on the block. Part of me wants to keep this fellow, even though I don't field Paladins in my army. I have to remember that he's a brand new figure, and selling price will be maximized if I'm one of the first on eBay with him. There's one out there now, but I'm not worried about competition... yikes.

I had planned on having him ready for auction tonight, but plans change. Hopefully he'll be done tomorrow. The pic here is from the first night of painting (Thursday) and the current model is a tad more complete.

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