Saturday, July 29, 2006

Done, minus one detail

Well, here he is. The only detail I've changed from this picture until now is that I've drybrushed a light brown onto the little grass clumps to make them look a little more dead. Once I redo pictures, it'll be eBay time.

Not to make this secondary news, but I have a new nephew today! William Christopher Alvarez was born 5:30~ish this morning. Stef was present for the birth, so she's crashed out in bed now after a night of no sleep. Congrats to the happy parents and his two big brothers. He's a cute little guy, with very apparent physical attributes similar to each brother.

Wednesday night, Brian and I played a 500 point game of Warmachine, about 60% larger than any game we'd played to date. Big, big fun. We had to proxy some models, but it convinced us to buy more 'jacks / units for our armies. There's a 750 point Warmachine / Hordes tournament in late October, and both Brian and I are considering entering.

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