Sunday, July 02, 2006

Note to self: SHARPEN

Busy day. Church was at one of the members' houses in Tecumseh (about 45 minutes drive if you don't get lost) immediately followed by a barbeque. We spent several drizzley hours under the tent awning. It wasn't raining hard enough to keep the kids down, so I ended up following Jay around, keeping him out of trouble and getting not wet per se, but just sticky from being in the rain. We then made the drive north to a birthday party for a 3 year old we know, another spitting rain event. I am sunburned, but that is no surprise. I sunburn in the dead of winter.

When am I going to learn about posting late night pictures of minis. The CMON entry I had created, including paying a credit for the featured auction, was pretty lousy. Since the entry could be accessed through the auction links before it was made completely public, a few people had come in and voted on it. The score: 4.3. I kid you not. There were only around 6 votes, but come on! I figured an early low snipe like that would kill my auction and the photo was the problem, so I deleted the entry, eating the credit in the process. I then resampled the photos down to a reasonable size and, more importantly, applied the sharpen tool to them, and resubmitted. I have got to remember to use sharpen more often. It really gives minis a crisp look. The mini is up now >here< and is doing fairly well.

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