Friday, June 09, 2006

Warmachine Takes Root

Bill, Brian and I went to Rider's Hobby yesterday to buy Bill a "Butcher" for his ogre army. The official Games Workshop butcher was... get this.... $35 for a single metal model. It may be big (by mini standards... 3" tall maybe) but $35?!??! He couldn't bring himself to buy it. He did, however, bring himself to buy the Warmachine "Cryx" starter box for the same price. Brian, never one to pass up doing what everyone else is doing, picked up the Khador box. We figured we could eventually strong-arm Paul into Cygnar at some point, but no hurry there. Paul bought in when we started playing warhammer, and he just never quite took to painting. I think of all his minis, two horses have painted saddles. Everything else is either plain metal or primed white.

Anyway, back to Warmachine. The $35 box is enough to actually play the game. This is a far cry from warhammer, where a $35 box will get you most of a unit, four or five of which can be arranged into a small game. Warmachine is smaller in scale, so a box of four, large metal models is enough to start playing. I'm sure we'll expand if the initial experiences are good. So then I found myself compelled to assemble my Menoth starter force tonight, just in case we can play tomorrow. My fingers still have that horrid smell from the super glue accelerant on them.

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