Tuesday, June 06, 2006

3:00 AM is not "brain time"

I finished the Chaplain last night after getting a few tips on CMON. I think the final product looks good... better than anything I've painted so far, I'd say. The problem is, yet again, the photograph. I think I proved yesterday that I can take a decent picture with the lighting I have now (two clip lights with daylight incandescent bulbs and my Ott light) but what I took last night is rubbish. Of course at 3:00 AM when you're trying to post something on eBay, these sorts of things escape your attention. What looks so poor today looked pretty good then. No, I was not drunk.

Thankfully my fatigue riddled mind made the auction delayed (I didn't want it to end in the middle of the night) so I was able to get in this morning and set it back another day. I had also posted the mini on CMON last night, and that entry got deleted this morning. I will go home, reshoot the photos, and repost.

My dad used to say, "Nothing good happens after midnight." I don't really believe that's the case, but I will agree that things don't get any smarter after midnight.

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