Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Sooooo close.

I am really excited about how this is turning out. The red tabard works so much better than the white one, and the damaged spots look better after judicious application of a little black ink.

I keep looking at the picture and smiling. All I need to do is some detail work, the basing (keeping that simple) and the back banner, and he'll be done. After this fellow, I need to complete the current order of dwarfs, then an Usagi Yojimbo mini for a friend at work, then comes the Black Templar sergeant. Then the Rune Priest. Then the Terminator Chaplain.

Somewhere in the middle I'll probably start my Mini Exchange mini. I don't think I can ignore them that long... they are just too cool. I should post a pic. (sigh... and excuse to use the light tent!)

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