Friday, June 09, 2006

How to Ruin Primer

Remember when I mentioned the super glue accelerant last night? Well, being the intelligent guy I am I thought, "I should rinse these off before priming them, since I don't know what effect the accelerant will have on the primer." So, I ran them under the faucet for a few seconds, being careful not to get the basing wet (since they are based mostly in cork, and I was afraid something would happen to the cork if it got wet.)

Okay, for the record, priming wet minis is a bad idea. It's not that they were dripping wet, just a drop or two in some areas. Each drop formed a little wall that paint sits on, trapping the water and preventing the mini from being properly primed in that spot. There are also a couple rough spots that may have been tiny droplets that I couldn't see. I think I can recover from this be hitting those areas with brush-on primer, so it's not a disaster.

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