Friday, June 23, 2006

So tired, but so worth it.

Yeah, this is clearly the best thing I've painted. I am so excited to put this one on the auction block. I posted it on CMON, just to see what initial reaction will be.

Here's the link:

I really tried to make the banner look old and faded, which involved painting the symbol, then painting a weathering effect over it. The seals on the banner were left as bright as I could get them for contrast.... new wax on old paper.

I'll post again when the auction starts.


When I got home today, Stef and Sheena were watching "Fantastic 4". I'm guessing the comic was better. The movie was.... less than fantastic. And not to bring this old joke up, but whoever cast Jessica Alba as the invisible woman (girl?) is clearly confused about something. Joke aside, the scenes of her staggering around because using her fantastic power has left her drained were about high school drama quality. Or maybe church skit.

Hey, did I mention how much I like my painted space marine? I did? Oh.

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